1989 World Women's Snooker Championship - Players

Player Country Seeding
Sue Martin Sue Martin Australia Australia -
Stella Norcup Stella Norcup England England -
Maria Tart Maria Tart England England -
Sharon Dickson Sharon Dickson Wales Wales -
Jenny Poulter Jenny Poulter England England -
Helen Tredinnick Helen Tredinnick England England -
Maryann McConnell Maryann McConnell Canada Canada -
Helen Threlfall Helen Threlfall Isle of Man Isle of Man -
Elaine Smethurst Elaine Smethurst England England -
Rebecca Clements Rebecca Clements England England -
Sharon Clarke Sharon Clarke England England -
Gaye Jones Gaye Jones England England -
Anja Vandenbussche Anja Vandenbussche Belgium Belgium -
Elaine Roehr Elaine Roehr Scotland Scotland -
Louise Hillman Louise Hillman Scotland Scotland -
Lisa Quick Lisa Quick England England -
Allison Fisher Allison Fisher England England -
Caroline Walch Caroline Walch England England -
Margaret O'Driscoll Margaret O'Driscoll Ireland Ireland -
Sarah Smith Sarah Smith England England -
Diane Dale Diane Dale Australia Australia -
Lisa Gordon Lisa Gordon England England -
Kim Shaw Kim Shaw England England -
Angela Jones Angela Jones Wales Wales -
Margaret Simmons Margaret Simmons Australia Australia -
Lynette Horsburgh Lynette Horsburgh Scotland Scotland -
Tessa Davidson Tessa Davidson England England -
Georgina Aplin Georgina Aplin England England -
Mandy Fisher Mandy Fisher England England -
Karen Corr Karen Corr Northern Ireland Northern Ireland -
Stacey Hillyard Stacey Hillyard England England -
Ann-Marie Farren Ann-Marie Farren Ireland Ireland -
32 players from 9 countries.